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What is TibiaME-BOT?

TibiaME-BOT is a autohunt/fun software developed by me (Mindee also known as Wdemon) to enhance and ease tibiame gameplay. It doesn't require scripting. It works only with packets and you can do anything or play anything else on your computer while bot is online.

Limited BOT version can be used for free, but paid version has more features and protections.

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Main TibiaME-BOT Features

- Simple and easy waypoints system.
- Supports 12 bots at the time.
- ANTI GM protection.
- Auto logout or rest when HP/MP is low.
- Spells, skills, fluids system.
- Spam bot, parrot and parrot pm (repeats everything what other players say).
- Hunting statistics.
- Anti Trap, Monster detection.
- Stamina and Stairs support.
- Bot works only with packets. It doesn't work with colors or keys, so you don't need to keep active window.
- Hunting is like hunting manually.
And much much more.


License Subscription

Buy license and start experiencing tibiame like never before!

Where is your UID? UID

Main Information

* If your UID has been changed, I'll change license for free.
* With paypal you can order a subscription for any duration for a cheaper price.
* SMS payment method will accept payments for 1 week duration only for a higher price.
* If your previous subscription isn't expired yet, remaining time will be added to the new subscription.

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License Durations

- 2 Weeks
- 1 Month
- 6 Months
- 1 Year
- Permanent Access
- 1 Week

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Download TibiaME-BOT

Current version: v0.1x - R4 - 1.1.11


Install everything you need in one click.


BOT executable only

For those, who already have data from version: v1.1.07. Replace old .exe in bot installation path with this one.


NET Framework 4.0

If BOT doesn't run, download and install NET framework.


SJBOY rms data files

If you having problems with sjboy, download my RMS files and paste them in "C:/rms".



Discuss, share your waypoints, ideas and thoughts



Mindee's Information

Name: Mindaugas
Last name: Anužis
Birth date: 27th of January, 1993
City: Plungė
Country: Lithuania
Email: support@tibiame-bot.com or commander.shepard.the.original@gmail.com
Skype: mindaugas.anuzis
Facebook: Minde93

TibiaME Characters

Name & World: Wdemon World 13
Name & World: Xmindeex World 13
Name & World: Parrot World 13
Name & World: Mindaugasx World 13
Name & World: Mindaugasx World 1
Name & World: Kardanas World 13
Name & World: Humantorch World 13
Name & World: Humantorch World 15
Name & World: Eednim World 13
Name & World: Wildwest World 13